Things To Do Before Flooring Installation


Hiring the best floor installer is necessary if you want to get the most out from your flooring project. Martin Helda, a popular owner of a commercial flooring company not only promises but also executes to a high quality of flooring installation.

But of course, the work should not only be left to the installers themselves as you also need to play a huge role to make sure that installation will be done exactly as how it should be.

When you place a job order to any flooring installation company, the job should not start the moment they arrive in the vicinity as it should start with your preparation before they arrive.  

Important Things To Do Before The Floor Installation Project

You will play a huge role in assuring that the floor installation project will be done exactly as you expect. To provide you with a few things you need to assure is made before flooring installation, read below:

Remove the valuables and delicate

It is highly necessary that all delicate items in the space will be removed before the installers arrive. You need to plan beforehand, who and how the furniture, appliances, and the sub-flooring will be removed.

Make sure that all water taps, gas appliances or electric systems are disconnected. Remove all drapes, pictures, and wall hangings from the wall to keep it away from dust.

You have to ensure that the wall installers will have a comfortable space to work in, as without a good and comfortable ambiance, they won’t be able to work decently.  

Close other rooms

The flooring installation process is messy, hence, closing the other spaces in the vicinity that is not part of the project is a good idea. Masking tape can be very helpful especially if you are considering hardwood floor installation as this can avoid sawdust spilling from spilling to other rooms, that in the first place should not be affected by the chaos of the current room being worked on.

Give your contractors with an area they can prepare and work on

It would be best if you give a separate room for the installers to prepare. The room should be a perfect space for them to resize their flooring materials, trim woods, etc. You need to provide them a space to dispose of all the waste from the project, so cleaning can be done easier.

Tell your customers in advance, in case it may require closing of business

In the event that the flooring project may require your shop to close out, make sure that your customers are informed about it in advance. You do not want them to get disappointed and surprised that your shop is closed when they visit.

Do not give all the job to the flooring contractor, as you also have the responsibility on this project. If you want to make this project successful and well organized, then you have to make sure that everything that should be done is done before the contractors arrive in the vicinity. 

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