The Popular 6 Types of Modern Homes Flooring


The market is full of different flooring-type materials for a home. They range from laminate flooring to wooden flooring and vinyl flooring. It’s thus hard for many people to decide which type to buy. Your choice will depend on your budget and personal taste. Martin Helda says it’s essential to consider the room to install the material. The reason is that not all types are fit for all spaces.

Some flooring types are suitable for bedrooms since there is minimal foot traffic. The wooden ones fit in the kitchen and living rooms with less foot traffic. To make an informed decision on which type to buy, here is an overview of each. Read through and see the material you can opt for in the market.

Hardwood flooring

It’s been the most common type for decades because of its style and durability. Hardwood flooring comes from the planks of hardwood trees like maple, oak, and walnut. Planks undergo treatment to improve the product’s aesthetic and structural qualities. The installation is by a tongue and groove technique. Each board gets pinned to the subfloors via the edge board tongues.

It’s easy to maintain this floor. You will use a wood cleaner and sweep the dirt. Avoid cleaning it with water.

Engineered hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is expensive for many people. They have devised a cheap type of this wood flooring. It resembles the hardwood flooring called engineered hardwood flooring. It’s from merging a hardwood layer to plywood planks layers. They then smear a top-quality veneer to make it scratch-resistant.

Ceramic tiles

They are the most colorful flooring types. They give clients the texture, shape, size, and color options to choose from them. Factories manufacture them by mixing shale and clay. They then place the mixture in kilns to harden them. Though they have a great aesthetic appeal, these tiles are cold underfoot. You need to install the radiant heated coils below to reduce the coldness.


It’s a common flooring type material for bedrooms. They come in diverse textures and colors. It makes them very popular for most homeowners. You need to select the one with a high fiber density count. The more the fibers per square inch, the more durable they are.


The laminate floors allow homeowners to own hardwood looking floors at a lower price. The laminate flooring has four layers:

  • The bottom layer
  • Design layer
  • Core layer
  • Top layer

The bottom layers prevent moisture from reaching the plank. The core layer (high-density board) protects the material against moisture and indentations. The design layer possesses a surface appearance. The top layer protects against stains, surface burns, and fading. The laminate doesn’t have an actual wood top layer. It’s the difference between the laminate and the engineered hardwood floor. It can look like stained concrete, natural stone, or ceramic tiles.

The vinyl flooring

It’s very durable compared to other flooring types used in homes. Vinyl flooring is cheap and has free maintenance, unlike their counterparts. These floors are from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) enriched with many compounds. It brings out the features of hardness, color, and flexibility. If you are working on a tight budget, this is your type. 

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