The Best 5 Types of Stone Flooring

martin helda

Stone tiles are an excellent way to bring natural outdoor beauty into your home. These stone tiles are from the earth, making them different with unique variations. As Martin Helda puts it, the best flooring choice will depend on luxury and durability. Stone flooring brings high-end looks at a low price and is easy to maintain. They are easy to clean, and most of these types need periodic resealing. They are ideal for loaded floorings with high traffic.

5 Types of stone flooring 

The marble flooring

It’s among the most recognizable and widespread flooring materials. Marble comes in diverse colors and patterns and is also resilient. The marble surface is resistant to allergic organisms and dust. It’s thus durable and safe to use. The production is from limestone crystallization. The manufacturing process needs high pressure and temperature while still underground. In the manufacturing process, marble becomes harder and denser. Marble tiles offer a reasonable insulation amount and keep your house cool in the summer. It also warms the house in the winter season. 

Granite flooring

Granite comes from magma that cools underground. It comes from different materials like quartz and feldspar. They give it granular composition and texture. This flooring is attractive and has hard-edged materials. The resilience of this flooring makes it for use for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Granite is famous as the hardest stone type, the reason why it’s common in kitchens. Its strength also gives its weakness as a hard stone for stone flooring. You have to level the subflooring entirely before installing it. Granite flooring comes in different colors like green, pearl, galaxy, or black.

Slate flooring 

A slate is beautiful and porous. It’s easier to cut and mold it into a flat flooring sheet. The slate comes in diverse colors like grey, gold, and black. The flooring has an impenetrable or stain-resistant surface. It makes it ideal for installation in these areas: 

  • Dining rooms
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens

Slate flooring works well in dry and wet areas in a home. You can use it to make beautiful mosaic patterns on bedroom walls. It’s also suitable for building a warm atmosphere in a home. 


It’s a stone usually compared to limestone or marble since its created in the same way. Travertine has calcite which is a sedimentary rock. Travertine matte is common on outdoor pool surrounds, walkways and paving. The flooring is very porous and doesn’t heat up with ease. 

Travertine comes in different colors like ivory, cream, and gold colors. You can sharpen it or use the edges in modern decors. In all the stone flooring materials, this travertine is cheaper. 

Limestone flooring

Limestone is a naturally soft and porous stone. Its flooring is suitable for different decorations from contemporary back to traditional styles. It’s easy to maintain and clean limestone. It enhances the house’s elegance by an earthy appeal of a limestone floor. 

The limestone flooring isn’t slippery or glassy like ceramic, marble, and other material. It’s a safe option for anybody with pets and kids. You can get limestone in various colors, from charcoal to creams. 

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