Cheap Flooring Ideas That you Might Want to Consider


The floor in our homes considerably takes up most of the occupiable space, and if done without proper research and deliberation, it can be costly to improve or repair. Not only is the flooring easily noticeable, but the comfort in our household would also rely on their condition. For families that recently moved into a newly bought house or a leased property that has poor flooring conditions, improving these visible flaws is a priority for most.

For this purpose, Martin Helda wishes to share his prior knowledge and expertise on cheap flooring options that you can explore and consider so that you won’t have to be financially burdened with poor decisions. Saving money is only a minor priority, as these recommendations serve to ensure that you will get your money’s worth.

  1. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is predominantly made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC, which is a synthetic plastic polymer widely used for many purposes. Vinyl flooring is durable and waterproof and usually comes in sheets, tiles, or planks. You can reshape these premade vinyl flooring cuts and make various designs based on your preferences. These do not require heavy maintenance and can be cleaned through occasionally vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. Vinyl is arguably one of the least expensive flooring options commercially available and can last for considerably more extended periods.

  1. Tiles

Specifically ceramic and porcelain tiles, these are intricately made to be durable to handle heavy foot traffic. If you might have noticed, in popular establishments, malls, or large companies, most of their hallways and officers are built on ceramic tiles. The most affordable commercially available ceramic tiles suitable for residential flooring can cost less than one dollar per square foot, cheaper than other flooring materials. Porcelain is a slightly more expensive albeit more water-resistant alternative than ceramic tiles.

  1. Modular carpet flooring

There is a slight misconception that carpet flooring is the most troublesome to install, but that is only true for wall-to-wall carpeting. Modular carpet flooring is easy to install simply because the carpet is cut into identical squares that can merely be laid on the floor and attached with adhesive strips. You can place this anywhere and come in different fashionable designs and colors. Installation is exceptionally straightforward that you can probably fill an entire room in one afternoon.

  1. Plywood Planks

Plywood used to be only for construction uses, especially for furniture. But nowadays, numerous applications have allowed plywood planks to be feasible as a flooring option. The application is simple: remove any existing flooring and replace it with tight-fit or perfect-fit plywood planks in your preferred design on top of an existing subfloor. However, it is recommended that you apply a topcoat such as polyurethane to withstand everyday foot traffic.

  1. Refinishing existing flooring

Refreshing your floor or simply restoring previous flooring designs is another cheaper alternative than getting new flooring altogether. For instance, if you have wooden flooring at home, reapplying paint or varnish can make your flooring look more visually appealing. Similarly, you can add dyes, stains, or sealants for concrete flooring. You can also treat existing flooring as a subfloor and add tiles, carpet, and other flooring types. There are many creative ways to achieve this, and it is all up to your personal preference.

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