Affordable Flooring Options for your New House


After purchasing a house, you’re probably left with meager funds to work with renovations and improvements. Especially if you just bought a slightly aged property, there are bound to be some imperfections that need to be fixed. For instance, the easily noticeable flawed feature is the flooring.

Thus you are bound to search for ways to replace your flooring with inexpensive alternatives. If you are someone who has no significant experience in purchasing flooring for your home, we have the best recommendations for first-timers like you. Martin Helda, an experienced professional at flooring alternatives, sincerely advocates for proper flooring for every household and wishes to share his insights with you. Below are some of these inexpensive flooring alternatives.

  1. Laminate

Potentially one of the least expensive flooring options, laminate is a good choice for families that frequently have heavy foot traffic around the house. There are premade designs for laminate plank floors or laminate tile floors that are popular and commercially available in the market. If you usually have guests over your place, make sure you hop on the modern trending laminate flooring designs to impress your friends and colleagues when they visit your home.

  1. Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is arguably the most reasonably priced flooring alternative available in the market. Its price is exceptionally affordable for the durability that it provides. Bamboo flooring is popular among homeowners with numerous pets or heavy workout equipment. These can withstand a lot of abuse and is feasibly more tough than hardwood, which is more expensive. Some bamboo flooring designs can look highly similar to hardwood flooring, which you can impress your guests with.

  1. Concrete

In recent years, numerous concrete flooring designs have emerged that are incontestably more visually appealing than other flooring materials. The evolution of design concrete, cheaper than most flooring materials, has brought about limitless improvements and possibilities affecting our house’s aesthetic. There are many ways you can achieve this, and some of the more common methods include epoxy coatings, staining, dyes, and sealants. However, it is not recommended to perform concrete flooring on your own blatantly. Consult with a flooring contractor or specialist to know more about concrete flooring applications to your home.

  1. Sheet Vinyl

This type of flooring is comparably the most inexpensive because it is far less durable and stable. One of the main points of sheet vinyl flooring is to improve the overall aesthetic of your floor. If you are confident about the durability of your flooring, then this is the cheapest alternative available. Sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent choice to cover up patches of imperfections and flaws on your floor, such as stains, cracks, and scratches.

  1. Cork flooring

Cork flooring is an eco-friendly homeowner’s best friend. These are made from natural, renewable materials that are easily installable, which you can do by yourself. It does not make much noise upon contact and looks visually appealing. Various trending designs are also available for this type of flooring. Cork flooring is suitable for places that can give you peace of mind, such as your bedroom, office, kitchen, or living room.

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